Volunteer at Madison County Vineyard

This list is not all-inclusive. There are many more opportunities to serve (see Info Slatwall in church lobby), but these are the main areas that are open for volunteering, single or family oriented.

Summer Lunch Program:
Volunteer one or more days a week, providing free lunch to children under 18 in our community and other communities as well, June and July. Provide a helping hand, or simply be available for positive interaction with those who come. Training provided, call the church for more info.

Good Samaritan Food Pantry:
Help with Filling containers, stocking items, and/or carrying groceries for those in need. Pantry is in West Jefferson. Usually on Monday evenings, Tues and Wed afternoons, And Saturday mornings. To learn more contact the church office.

Connections Ministry:
Team up with others to help welcome our guests during regular services. Give us a call at the church office and we’ll talk!

Weeding, watering, leaf blowing, parking lot clean-up, exterior building touch-ups, etc…all an essential part of keeping God’s place looking good. If you want to lend a hand, please let us know.

Do you like to meet new people? Then you’ll enjoy one of our most important jobs here at MCV! Help by passing out communion, welcoming new guests and more before our services.

Coffee Bar Barista:
(Barista = fancy name for coffee bar dude or dudette) If serving coffee and chatting with friends is your thing – you will fit right in. Call us to help out on Sundays.

Children’s Ministry:
This is typically serving and helping on Sunday mornings, working with children and sharing the love of God through games, stories and crafts. Training & materials provided, background check paid for by MCV.

Video or Sound Tech:
Behind the scenes action is where it’s at. You can make us our best! Lead the charge for our church services. Beginners welcome, training provided.

Home Group Host:
If hospitality is your thing, we need you! Open your home for two nights a month for small group Bible studies & discussions.

Worship Team:
We need Christians who can sing, play drums, keys, guitars and bass for our weekend services. If you have a heart for music and worship, this is for you.

Homeless Camps:
Visit pre-designated “homeless camps” to distribute free food and basic supplies. Usually on weekdays, during daylight hours. For more info,¬† contact the church office.

Kindness Ministries:
Join us for many varied and random acts of kindness showered on our community, usually Saturdays or after church services on weekends. Give away free items, help with service projects and more. Everyone is welcome, generally no age limits.

We have folks who oversee care of our building, but there are always things at church that need fixing, repair, updated, etc. If you have special skills (drywall, painting, electrical, etc.) that you would like to offer as part of volunteering, please contact the church @ 740.845.0154.

One of our greatest needs is that of prayer. You can pray at any time, in any place, for our fellowship. Please lift up our ministry to the community, our leaders, our sheep, and the call God has placed on us. Pray for continued direction, grace, and protection as we work toward winning Madison County for Christ!

Have more ideas?
Want to know where you can fit in? Opportunities are here at church AND in our community. If you are interested in helping in any area please contact the church @ 740.845.0154.